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Pain stick can help reduce pain and inflammation at the site of pain allowing you to move more freely and access exercises to improve the pain overall.   A topical solution has fewer side effects than taking something by mouth that works systemically on the whole body.


Toe spreaders help reduce toe curling that can be uncomfortable when standing and walking.  They can fit in your shoe without discomfort and help fight dystonia.


Heel wedges go in our shoes without much notice and help us avoid falling backwards into the chair.  It’s amazing what a subtle change can do to have a big difference on balance.

FOAM PADS $25.99

Foam pads are a great way to further challenge your balance and allow you to improve walking over different surfaces like grass, gravel or uneven sidewalks.  As well as situations in which you can’t see as well, like getting up to go to the bathroom at night when it is darker. Talk with your therapist to see if this would be a good training tool for you.


Probiotics are an important part of building the microbiome of the gut and improving constipation and gut health.  This is a source of concern in Parkinson’s since we know our gut health and GI motility slow down.  You can find a helpful webinar here about gut health and all the ways to improve it.  An example is the Nutrition session with Martha Carlin through Parkinson’s Pointe this spring.

These probiotics were specifically designed based on research in gut health and people with Parkinsons by a local caregiver who was concerned about her husband with Parkinson’s and motivated to help him improve his symptoms and quality of life.

POLES $89.99

Activator poles help us improve posture and train a more normal walking pattern.  They provide additional support for balance over traditional hiking poles with a large bell tip bottom and shelf handle that cue our body to stand taller.  with their secure pin locking system and ability to hold up to 200 pounds per pole they last longer and will not collapse over time like traditional hiking poles.  Ask your therapist if these could be a good training tool for you.