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Be You, Not Parkinson’s… Better Body control is within your reach.Be You, Not Multiple Sclerosis… Better Body control is within your reach.Be You, Not Your Falls… Better Body control is within your reach.Be You, Not Your Stroke… Better Body control is within your reach.

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Our therapists offer better balance strategies.

Balance is a complex system and every individual is unique.  We begin by assessing all the factors that influence your balance.  From that comprehensive assessment we can provide you with targeted treatments that allow you specifically to get better faster.  Just like an athlete who plays tennis will need to complete different exercises than an athlete that plays football.  You will need different exercises than your friends or family.  

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Living well with Parkinson’s

The effects of Parkinson’s disease can be physically and emotionally hard on patients and their loved ones. There is hope! Consistent therapy can reduce the side effects and help patients lead an active lifestyle.

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We treat a variety of complex movement disorders including:

  • Dizziness and Balance disorders
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Concussion and Brain Injury
  • Stroke Survivors

“I have worked with several different therapists at the center and have found that all of them are caring people who make therapy as enjoyable, interesting, and stimulating as possible. I feel supported and challenged to move in the best way possible”

Carolyn D.

Dr. Meredith is absolutely amazing. Not only does she help with my balance and cognitive issues she has an extensive wealth of knowledge. When I first started with Dr. Meredith I couldn’t walk 10ft without falling down and my cognitive issues were very bad. Now if I’m going for a long walk I take my cane because it’s better to be safe than sorry but I really don’t even need the cane and my cognitive issues are better also. I highly recommend Dr. Meredith.

Nancy S.

It is with great pleasure that I would like to refer Meredith Roberts to your organization. Over the past year Meredith has worked with our team (Touching Hearts at Home) and provided a plethora of tools to enhance our level of service. As a top home care provider in the Denver Metro area we take great pride in offering quality training programs to our employees and Meredith has helped us raise the bar. Over the past year she has helped us to lower any incidents of falls within the home and we look forward to providing more statistics as we measure the results for 2018. We highly recommend Meredith to your family and or organization and wish you the best.

Ryan Fensler, Agency Owner, Touching Hearts at Home

Feel like you need some new tools in your Parkinsons tool box?

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Meet our team

Meredith Roberts Lo

Meredith Roberts Lo PT, DPT

Dr. Meredith had been working as a neuro rehabilitative physical therapist for some time and saw similar experiences occurring with her clients and their families, especially in the Parkinson’s community.

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Brooke Stewart, DPT

Brooke Stewart PT, DPT

Brooke is a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky, completing her Doctor of Physical Therapy program in August 2020.

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Jack Lewis, PT, DPT

Jack Lewis PT, DPT

Jack began focusing on movement as a passion from a young age, beginning as a track athlete in elementary school. His experience in track guided him to a kinesiology degree with a minor in nutrition from Rutgers University.

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Katherine Boden

Katherine Boden
Front Office Coordinator

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