Dr. Meredith Roberts Lo, DPT

Meredith Roberts LoThey say necessity is the mother of invention.  That is absolutely true in Dr. Meredith’s case.  After her grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she saw her family struggle with unique challenges such as feeling alone and isolated, feeling like her grandfather was losing himself to a chronic disease, and losing the fun in his life.  She was able to help her family navigate the complicated path and find a community that helped her grandfather feel supported and like himself again.  This allowed her family to enjoy her grandfather in the role he wore best, himself.

Dr. Meredith had been working as a neuro rehabilitative physical therapist since 2005 and saw similar experiences occurring with her clients and their families, especially in the Parkinson’s community.  Dr. Meredith was determined to take the challenges she and her family had faced and create a new experience for those affected by Parkinson’s Disease.

After moving to Denver, Dr. Meredith began by growing a community where those impacted by Parkinson’s disease could connect, access resources such as exercise, nutrition and lifestyle education, and thrive despite Parkinson’s.

That community has grown into Parkinson’s Pointe, a health promotion and wellness center, located in south Denver.  You can find Dr. Meredith at Parkinsons Pointe or teaching other health professionals how to make an impact in the Parkinson’s community.

Contact Dr. Meredith – [email protected]

Visit ParkinsonsPointe.org to learn more about our community and to find a full list of exercise classes, peer support and other resources.