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I have been working with REM Center folks for several years. At first we emphasized exercise and stretching that would address my PD symptoms. This helped me develop a daily home routine and get me conditioned to find a daily way to address my symptoms--mostly dizziness, light headedness and nausea. This last year we have had weekly sessions and they are making a big difference. Working with Meredith and Brooke has worked for me and they provide me more understanding of my health situation than any of my doctors who I see only several times each year. They are invaluable.
- Donald Stevens

After being told by my Doctor that my nueropathy was taking me downhill and could not be expected to ever get better, he referred me to REM for the purpose of "maintaining" and due to their efforts, maintain I have, 78 and still working full time! REM is fabulous and Meredith is beyond fabulous. I'm so lucky to have found them.
- Samuel Wing

You are all Super concerned with my progress and giving me helpful tips.
- Bill Rapp

I have seen lots of growth in my ability to function in my daily life through the challenges I get in therapy. I really appreciate the caring and supportive atmosphere that exists in this office. I dreaded physical therapy because of what I had learned from others, but I find that I actually look forward to my sessions. Thank you!
- Carolyn Van Donselaar

Staff is friendly, knowledgeable about PD, and targets therapy to my specific needs.
- Pam Spry

Great! Very rewarding! Gives me more confidence on my feet.
- Elida Christian