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  • 12500 E Iliff Ave, Suite 300,
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  • (303) 731-4620

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Frequently asked questions

Do you take insurance?2021-06-24T01:21:45+00:00

Yes, since every plan is different we will verify your benefits prior to your first appointment and share this information with you on your first visit.

How are you different from a general physical therapist?2021-06-24T01:22:18+00:00

Our therapists specialize in neurorehabilitation and have spent their careers understanding and elevating their knowledge in just this area of expertise.  They have many tools that a general therapist would not have that help people with neurological conditions reach their goals faster. This is the only patient population we work with, all day, every day.

What can I expect on my first visit?2021-06-24T01:22:47+00:00

We will spend an hour learning about you and how the changes in your body have affected your movement and lifestyle.  We will also look at your strength, balance, and overall movement so that we can help identify the areas we can best help you improve upon.  We will then talk about what goals you would most like to work towards and develop a plan with you to achieve these goals.  Based on our plan, we will schedule one-hour sessions at a frequency that fits your schedule and will support achieving these goals.

How often will I need to come to therapy?2021-06-24T01:23:35+00:00

Every person is different. Based on your assessment and goals, together we will come up with a plan that includes how frequently we need to work with you. We will schedule one-hour sessions at a frequency that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Why see a physical therapist for a chronic condition?2021-06-24T01:24:02+00:00

Neurorehabilitation can help people prevent serious problems that can occur when we have a chronic health condition.  By practicing movements that help us train and improve our balance, mobility and walking we can avoid things like falls and hospitalizations in the future.  What you practice is what you stay good at.  And if we are having more difficulty with the things we love to do each day, physical therapy can help us improve and get back to doing those things again.  Such as playing with the grandkids, exercising regularly, enjoying the outdoors, or being social and spending time with friends.

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