Our Story

They say necessity is the mother of invention.  That is absolutely true in Dr. Meredith’s case.  After her grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she saw her family struggle with unique challenges such as feeling alone and isolated, feeling like her grandfather was losing himself to a chronic disease, and losing the fun in his life.  She was able to help her family navigate the complicated path and find a community that helped her grandfather feel supported and like himself again.  This allowed her family to enjoy her grandfather in the role he wore best, himself.

Dr. Meredith had been working as a neuro rehabilitative physical therapist for some time and saw similar experiences occurring with her clients and their families, especially in the Parkinson’s community.  Dr. Meredith was determined to take the challenges she and her family had faced and create a new experience for those affected by Parkinson’s Disease.

After moving to Denver, Dr. Meredith began by growing a successful outpatient program for a local therapy office.  When limitations and challenges prevented her from creating the supportive community she knew was needed for people with Parkinson’s, she founded Roberts Empowered Movement Center.  This community has grown to support people affected by Parkinson’s all over the Denver area.  Since then she has empowered many individuals to take back the control and “Be YOU, not Parkinson’s”.

Meet Our Team

Meredith Roberts Lo
Meredith Roberts LoDoctor of Physical Therapy
Alana Kaarat
Alana KaaratDoctor of Physical Therapy
Leah Kroll-Rosen
Leah Kroll-RosenDoctor of Physical Therapy
Lucy Burrage, DPT, NCS
Lucy Burrage, DPT, NCSDoctor of Physical Therapy

I was fortunate to be included in Meredith’s pilot for her PwP exercise class. Knowing Meredith for the past year, I’ve observed her proficiency and professional manner as a physical therapist. Her chosen specialty working with people with movement disorders stems from a passion to help others lead fuller lives.


Robert’s Empowered Movement is awesome and really helps with Parkinson’s

Rand Stewart

Dr. Meredith is absolutely amazing. Not only does she help with my balance and cognitive issues she has an extensive wealth of knowledge. When I first started with Dr. Meredith I couldn’t walk 10ft without falling down and my cognitive issues were very bad. Now if I’m going for a long walk I take my cane because it’s better to be safe than sorry but I really don’t even need the cane and my cognitive issues are better also. I highly recommend Dr. Meredith.

Nancy Stewart

I have worked with several different therapists at the center and have found that all of them are caring people who make therapy as enjoyable, interesting, and stimulating as possible. I feel supported and challenged to move in the best way possible


We love everyone at Roberts Empowered Movement Center (REM), and each session has been a fun, learning experience. Each therapist has helped Wayne in a different way, and we certainly appreciate each one. REM therapists are professional, highly trained, informative, and creative with the various techniques used. Wayne has progressed from using a walker to using a walking stick when out of our building, and now he’s learning how to get up from the floor. His improvement is very gradual, so it’s exciting when we find this to be true statistically. Wayne says, “It’s hard by the yard but a cinch by the inch.” We highly recommend REM to anyone with Parkinsonian symptoms and are most thankful that Dr. Aaron Haug referred us to Meredith Roberts. As long as Wayne keeps improving, we hope we can continue to visit REM. Thank you for this special opportunity! Marilyn Harris

Wayne R. Harris